How It Works

MC2 Anywhere is a combination of internet and software technologies that enables access to a QuickBooks computer through standard web browsers.

NOTE: You need to install the MC2 Anywhere Client application on only one computer that has access to your QuickBooks company file and an internet connection. All other computers need only a web browser to use MC2 Anywhere's services.

The MC2 Anywhere technology consists of the MC2 Anywhere Client and the MC2 Anywhere Website:

  • The MC2 Anywhere Client is a small application that is installed on the QuickBooks computer and acts a gateway between QuickBooks and the MC2 Anywhere Website. To ensure maximum performance and security, the client application is built upon Intuit's QuickBooks Software Development Kit (SDK) and comforms to Intuit's recommended software integration methods.
  • The MC2 Anywhere Website provides the interface through which field staff, accountants, and vendors uses services such as Time and Expense Tracking and Reports. It also provides advanced administrative features through which business owners control access to the services. Built using standards-based HTML forms, The MC2 Anywhere Website is compatible with all leading web browsers.
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