Pricing, Payments, & Termination

The first 30 days of usage is free, we want to make sure that you find our service of value before you sign up. After the first 30 day trail period, you must provide billing information on your account page in order to continue service. Your credit card will then be automatically billed according to the Pricing described below. There's no software to purchase at any time.

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment. Our Privacy Policy provides details on how we safely handle your information.


30 Days FREE

Use MC2 Anywhere FREE for thirty days. You and your staff, vendors, and accountants can make full use of the MC2 Anywhere system. After the first thirty days, you'll be asked to provide billing information to continue using MC2 Anywhere.

Standard Monthly Fee (for 1 - 15 Active Users*)

For any month in which your MC2 Anywhere account has user activity, you pay the standard monthly fee of $30.00. The standard monthly fee provides for up to 15 Active Users*. If your account has more than 15 Active Users* in a month, a per-user fee is used instead of the standard monthly fee.

Per-User Fee (for More than 15 Active Users*)

For any month in which activity is recorded for more than 15 users, a fee of $2.00 applies for each user instead of the standard monthly fee. For example, if you have 30 Active Users* in a month, the month's total fee will be $2.00 for each user, i.e., $60.00.

Additional Services

The costs above are based on using a single MC2 service such as Anywhere Timesheet. MC2 provides 3 separate services listed below:

  • Anywhere Timesheet
  • Anywhere Expense
  • Anywhere Reports

You get 1 service at no additional cost; you can add any of the above services to your account for an additional cost of $10.00 month each. For example, if you have less than 16 users using the Timesheet and Expense services, you pay the standard monthly fee of $30.00, plus an additional flat fee of $10.00 for the Expense service for a total of $40.00. If you add Reports, it will be $50.00.

During the FREE trial, you have unlimited access to all the features, you select what you actually want to use when you activate your account.

Data storage

MC2 will provide online data storage at no additional cost for 14 months as outlined in our Terms of Use. Customers can elect to add additional months to the default with the following additional monthly charges:

  • 26 Months - $2.50
  • 38 Months - $5.00
  • 50 Months - $7.50
  • 62 Months - $10.00

Custom validation/business rule checks

MC2 can create custom validation scripts for timesheets beyond our standard checks. We realize every customer has unique requirements for timesheet submission; we can create a custom script to enforce your business rules that will reduce timesheet rejections. A one time cost of $75.00 will be charged to create the validation script. A monthly additional cost of $5.00 will be charged to keep the rules in place. Contact our customization team to put extra checks in place for your company.

Account Termination and Reactivation

You may terminate your MC2 Anywhere account at any time, however no refunds will be given for a partial month.

MC2 Anywhere, Inc. may also terminate your account under some conditions (e.g., if your credit card information does not process). In such cases, we will notify you via email, and you will have 5 days to correct the situation. If after 5 days the problem is unresolved, your account will be terminated.

Terminated accounts remain in the MC2 Anywhere system for a period of 60 days. If the account is not reactivated within this period, it will be permanently deleted.

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First 30 Days


Standard Monthly Fee
(1-15 users)


Per-User Fee
(over 15 users)


Additional fees may apply depending on the MC2 services selected for your account

An Active User is defined as any user who logs into the MC2 Anywhere Website during the billing cycle or who has their time entry recorded by another user such as a manager.

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