Online Demonstrations

Try one of the online demonstrations below. Since many users are logging into the demos, the only limitation is that you cannot change or save any data. The sample QuickBooks company file for Rock Castle Construction Company is being used.

We present three "Timesheet" users to demonstrate the different ways the timesheet can be displayed based on how the user is setup. Our solution is very configurable depending on what information you want to capture and how you want to present it to your users.

  • Administrator.  Administrator account login. This user has access to all the functionality.
  • Timesheet user (Dan T. Miller).  Company user who only has access to enter timesheets and expenses. This user does not have "Use time data to create Paychecks" set, so there is no Payroll Item displayed. This user is also part of a time group called "Kristy Project", so he is limited in what he can see in the "Customer:Job" and "Service Item" lists. You can also see that the "Customer:Job" list is also set to display in a different way.
  • Timesheet user (Elizabeth N Mason).  Company user who only has access to enter timesheets and some reports. This is is setup to display the timesheet using multiple lines, so the look of the timesheet is different from the other demo's. "Class" tracking is also turned on for this user.
  • Timesheet user (Gregg O. Schneider).  Company user who only has access to enter timesheets and expense. This user also has the "Show Notes on Timesheet" option turned off, so there is no notes entry on the main list and the user must double click the day field to enter notes.
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