About Us

MC2 Anywhere, Inc. is a technology consulting company in Atlanta Georgia specializing in data access. We started in 2004 as a result of a Proof of Concept for one of our customers to demonstrate a wireless application's connectivity to QuickBooks. We didn't want to shelve all this cool technology we developed, so we put it to use as a core part of our business.

We currently offer web-based access to QuickBooks for timesheets, expenses, reports and accounting functionality, but because our software and infrastructure is based on the QuickBooks SDK (that takes online collaboration with QuickBooks to a whole new level), the potential for future development is unlimited. Keep checking back for new features, or suggest a new feature that you need.

Our solutions are tested and proven to work with QuickBooks, visit our software listings on the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace. We are very proud to be a QuickBooks GOLD level developer having passed rigorous testing by an independent party selected by QuickBooks.


Well, we all know E=MC2 from Albert Einstein, the scientist who we most admire. Well, going from that it really means My Connectivity to Anywhere. It's kind of a play on what we do in the wireless world.

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